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Adam SPB 363i Solis Precision Balance

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The Adam Equipment SPB 363i Solis Precision Balance is an exceptional product designed to meet the needs of labs everywhere. With its high-resolution graphic display and intuitive features, this balance is perfect for research and quality assurance labs, science education, precision counting, and production and manufacturing applications requiring precise results.

One of the standout features of the Solis Precision Balance is its user-friendly display. The amply sized graphic display allows users to easily view comprehensive data, ensuring accurate readings and efficient operation. The balance also has a multilingual display capability, making it suitable for use in various regions.

Formulation is made simple with the Solis Precision Balance, as it is capable of storing up to 99 ingredients. This saves time and effort for users who frequently work with multiple components.

In terms of hardware, the Solis Precision Balance is equipped with several convenient features. The level indicator and adjustable feet ensure proper balance setup for optimum weighing results. The balance also features a security slot for an optional Kensington-type lock and cable, providing added security against theft. Additionally, the large grade 304 stainless steel pan allows for easy and swift cleaning. For connectivity purposes, the balance offers an RS-232 interface for quick and seamless connection to computers and printers.

The Solis Precision Balance also boasts impressive software features. It offers external calibration, which allows for easy verification and adjustment with weights. The selectable digital filtering minimizes the effects of vibrations and disturbances, ensuring accurate readings. The balance also includes a printout function that includes the date and time, enabling data tracking within Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines. Furthermore, it has checkweighing with an audible alarm and parts counting with preset sample sizes, enhancing its versatility.

Powered by an AC adapter, the Solis Precision Balance provides reliable and consistent performance. It has a capacity of 360g and readability of 0.001g, allowing for precise measurements. The balance also offers various weighing units including g, mg, lb, oz, ct, GN, dwt, mm, ozt, T, tl.H, tl.S, tl.T, and custom unit.

With its robust construction of ABS plastic and compact overall dimensions of 8.8"x14.7"x8.6", the Solis Precision Balance is built to withstand rigorous laboratory use without sacrificing space. It weighs 14.8lb and operates within a temperature range of 10° to 30°C.

Included with the balance is an AC adapter, ensuring immediate usability upon purchase. The Solis Precision Balance is designed to meet the needs of laboratories and manufacturing facilities alike, providing precise and efficient weighing solutions.
 Adam Equipment SPB 363i Solis Precision Balance

Adam SPB 363i Solis Precision Balance