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Adam LHS 3000a Crane Scale, 3000lb x 0.5lb

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V002.LHS 3000a

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The Adam Equipment LHS 3000a Crane Scale is the ultimate solution for weighing heavy, suspended loads in industrial settings such as shipping and production operations. With its rugged construction and reliable performance, this crane scale is designed to endure the toughest environments.

Constructed with a cast aluminum magnesium indicator housing, chrome-plated steel hook, safety catch, and oversized swivel shackle and bolt, the LHS crane scale ensures the safety and security of your load. The rotating hook allows for easy access while loading and securely locks in place during weighing, providing complete flexibility.

Transporting and portability are made effortless with the lightweight design of the LHS crane scale. Additionally, the included remote control enables safe and hands-free operation, allowing you to operate the scale from a distance.

Featuring a bright LED display, the LHS crane scale provides highly visible readings in any lighting conditions, including outdoors. The display is also equipped with a hold function, which freezes the displayed weight, providing ample time for the results to be recorded without losing accuracy.

The LHS crane scale offers various software features that enhance its functionality. The external calibration feature allows for easy verification and adjustment with weights, ensuring accurate measurements. The zero-tracking feature ensures that the display returns to zero reading, eliminating any discrepancies.

For added convenience, the LHS crane scale comes with a programmable auto power-off function, helping to conserve energy and prolong battery life.

With its exceptional hardware and software features, the Adam Equipment LHS 3000a Crane Scale is a reliable and efficient weighing solution for heavy, suspended loads in industrial settings. Ensure the safety, accuracy, and convenience of your weighing operations with this top-of-the-line crane scale.
 Adam Equipment LHS 3000a Crane Scale, 3000lb x 0.5lb

Adam LHS 3000a Crane Scale, 3000lb x 0.5lb