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Adam GFC 660a Floor Counting Scale, 660lb x 0.05lb

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V002.GFC 660a

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The Adam Equipment GFC 660a Floor Counting Scale is the perfect solution for all your counting and weighing needs. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this scale makes counting and weighing a breeze.

The GFC floor scale features a full keypad that allows you to easily enter the unit weight and sample size. The large backlit display shows the unit weight, total weight, and number of pieces, making it easy to keep track of your counting progress. The durable stainless steel platform and pillar-mounted ABS plastic indicator ensure that this scale is built to last and suitable for any counting or weighing application.

One of the standout features of the GFC scale is its RS-232 interface, which allows for seamless connection to printers and computers. This makes it easy to transfer your data and keep accurate records. Adjustable leveling feet optimize the setup, ensuring that the scale is level and accurate. The color-coded keys make it easy to quickly recognize and use the most frequently used buttons.

The GFC scale also offers a range of software features that enhance its functionality. The audible overload alarm warns you when you exceed the capacity of the scale, preventing any damage to the unit. The internal counting resolution of 1:600,000 ensures precise and accurate results. The parts counting feature allows for freely selectable sample sizes, while the optimization function refines the piece weight as parts are added.

The backlit LCD display shows the weight, unit weight, and count in one convenient location. The programmable backlight can be set to "always on," "always off," or "light only when weighing," depending on your preference.

With a rechargeable battery included, you can operate the GFC scale almost anywhere. And with the programmable auto power-off feature, you can save energy and extend the battery life.

In conclusion, the Adam Equipment GFC 660a Floor Counting Scale is a reliable, user-friendly, and versatile scale that is perfect for any counting and weighing application. Its advanced features, durable construction, and intuitive design make it a must-have tool for any business that requires accurate and efficient counting and weighing.
 Adam Equipment GFC 660a Floor Counting Scale, 660lb x 0.05lb

Adam GFC 660a Floor Counting Scale, 660lb x 0.05lb