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A&D MS-70 Moisture Analyzer, 70g x 0.0001g

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The A&D Weighing MS-70 Moisture Analyzer is the ultimate solution for fast and accurate moisture results. With its cutting-edge Super Hybrid Sensor SHS technology, this analyzer provides ultra-precise moisture content readings, even with small samples.

The second radiant assist SRA feature ensures faster and more uniform heating, thanks to the powerful halogen lamp. Say goodbye to lengthy wait times and uneven results.

Using the A&D Weighing MS-70 Moisture Analyzer is simple and hassle-free, making it suitable for all your loss-on-drying methods. Its 4 selectable heating modes allow you to customize heating curves for optimum accuracy and precision. Additionally, the 5 selectable measurement programs cater to different sample types and processes, ensuring the best fit for your needs.

The large VFD display provides clear and easy-to-view information, including setting values, changes in moisture content, action status indicators, and data numbers. You'll never miss a detail.

Safety and reliability are paramount when it comes to the design of this moisture analyzer. Ergonomic handles and an innovative design help prevent burn injuries and improve workflow efficiency. Self-check functions, such as defect checks and temperature control, give you peace of mind during operation. The progress window allows you to easily monitor the heating process through a translucent window. Additionally, a quick reference card is conveniently installed at the bottom of the analyzer, making operation even more convenient.

Data interface is a breeze with the RS-232C interface and our WinCT-Moisture software. This allows you to determine measurement conditions and optimize time and accuracy. The data memory function allows test results to be stored and recalled for additional analysis. Moreover, the A&D Weighing MS-70 Moisture Analyzer is compliant with GLP, GMP, GCP, and ISO standards, providing you with traceable reporting.

With its impressive specifications, including a maximum capacity of 71 grams and a readability of 0.0001g, this moisture analyzer is a reliable companion in any laboratory. Whether you need to determine moisture content in food, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals, the A&D Weighing MS-70 Moisture Analyzer delivers accurate and efficient results.

Get your hands on the A&D Weighing MS-70 Moisture Analyzer for precise and hassle-free moisture analysis.
 A&D Weighing MS-70 Moisture Analyzer, 70g x 0.0001g

A&D MS-70 Moisture Analyzer, 70g x 0.0001g