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A&D MC-100KS Mass Comparator

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The A&D Weighing MC-100KS Mass Comparator is designed to fully manage your mass standards laboratory. With its meterological weighing capabilities, it meets the requirements of ASTM Class 2-7 and OIML Class F1 and below, ensuring accurate measurements for your laboratory operations.

One of the innovative features of this product is the auto-centering pan, which eliminates corner-load errors and guarantees higher accuracy. This pan design automatically corrects for eccentricity errors, bringing the mass to the center and providing precise measurements.

The MC-100KS Mass Comparator also boasts enhanced precision and accuracy thanks to its Super Hybird Sensor (SHS) Weighing Technology. It provides the highest level of precision by mitigating environmental disturbances such as draft or vibration, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Adaptable to various industrial applications, this product can manage a variety of materials, including liquids, powders, and gases. Its static checking-weighing sensor offers wider ranges, making it ideal for different workflow processes in industrial settings. Additionally, it features a comparator function, counting, and percent weighing, adding versatility to its capabilities.

This mass comparator offers simple functionality with its highly visible VFD Display, making it easy to read and use. It also includes a standard RS-232C interface, allowing for data transfer, and has an optional Quick USB uni-directional accessory for even more convenience. The MC-100KS is GLP/GMP compliant and offers a data memory function, enabling users to capture and record results for further analysis.

This product comes in different models, each with its own maximum capacity, readability, and stabilization time. It features a weighing pan of various sizes to accommodate different objects and containers. Dimensions for each model are provided in the product description.

In conclusion, the A&D Weighing MC-100KS Mass Comparator is the ideal choice for managing your mass standards laboratory. With its advanced features, enhanced precision, adaptability, and simple functionality, it offers accurate and reliable weighing solutions for various industrial applications.


 A&D Weighing MC-100KS Mass Comparator

A&D MC-100KS Mass Comparator

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