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A&D GX-8K2 Precision Balance, 2.1/8.1kg x 0.01/0.1g with Internal Calibration

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The A&D Weighing GX-8K2 Precision Balance is a powerful weighing instrument designed to take weighing precision to new heights. With its superior response speeds and minimal maintenance costs, this precision balance is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Equipped with patented SHS weighing technology, the GX-8K2 provides high-speed and accurate results. This technology ensures that you receive fast measurements with the best accuracy and precision. The balance is also designed to withstand tough environments, thanks to its dust and waterproof construction. The washdown IP65 rating ensures that it can handle splashes and be easily cleaned.

The GX-8K2 offers a diverse selection of calibration models, with both internal and external options available. You can choose between motorized/auto self-calibration or external calibration depending on your preferences and requirements. The balance is also GLP compliant, ensuring that your data meets the necessary standards and includes time/date signatures and ID numbers.

With the GX-8K2, you can increase productivity in your weighing processes. The Super Hybrid Sensor technology provides fast measurements and accurate results, while the "Auto Response Speeds" minimize the effects of drafts and vibrations, ensuring reliable readings. Additionally, the balance features Auto Self Cal (ASC), which automatically adjusts for ambient temperature changes to maintain accuracy.

The robust construction of the GX-8K2 makes it suitable for demanding environments. The easy-to-clean keypad, antistatic glass, stainless steel pan, and die-cast aluminum housing are dust and splashproof. The balance also features an easy-to-read Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) that provides clear visibility even in dimly-lit areas.

For data compliance, the GX-8K2 is GLP/GMP/ISO compliant and includes data memory functions for easy storage and export. You can connect the balance to other devices via the RS-232C interface or opt for the Quick USB Interface for quick and convenient data transfer.

The GX-8K2 has a capacity of 2.1kg or 8.1kg, with a readability of 0.01g or 0.1g. It has a stabilization time of approximately 1.5 seconds, ensuring quick and accurate results. The balance also features a large weighing pan with dimensions of 270 x 210mm.

If you're looking for a precision balance that offers superior weighing technology, robust construction, and data compliance, the A&D Weighing GX-8K2 Precision Balance is the perfect choice. With its impressive features and capabilities, it will elevate your weighing processes to new heights.


 A&D Weighing GX-8K2 Precision Balance, 2.1/8.1kg x 0.01/0.1g with Internal Calibration

A&D GX-8K2 Precision Balance, 2.1/8.1kg x 0.01/0.1g with Internal Calibration

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