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A&D EK-610i Everest Compact Balance, 600g x 0.01g

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The A&D Weighing EK-610i Everest Compact Balance is a versatile and robust weighing device that is perfect for various applications. With its compact and rugged design, this balance offers reliable results every time. Whether you need to weigh small items on a workbench or in a production environment, this balance can fit well in any space-saving setup.

This balance comes in both single (EW-i) and triple (EK-i) weighing ranges, making it a flexible workhorse. Its low profile and rugged metal housing construction ensure durability and accuracy. The easy-to-clean chemical-resistant stainless steel floors, pans, and sealed key panel protection make maintenance a breeze, protecting against dust and spills.

The large LCD display with backlight ensures easy readability even in dark environments or at wide viewing angles. It also features a 5-button navigation system for simple operation, allowing you to turn on, re-zero/tare, print, access weighing modes, and enter sample counts with ease.

With its rock-solid performance, this balance can meet all your application demands. It offers comparator (HI, OK, LOW), percent, and counting functionalities with ACAI. It also has over-protection features to save you time and worry over overload errors or operation damage.

The A&D Weighing EK-610i Everest Compact Balance also provides convenience with its various models and capacities to choose from. The balance is available in different max capacity and readability options, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your weighing needs. It also includes calibration, stabilization time, and weighing pan dimensions for each model.

Additionally, this balance is NTEP approved and has intrinsically safe explosion-proof versions available. It also features standard RS-232C connectivity for convenient control of zero, mode selections, and data output.

If you're looking for a versatile and robust weighing solution, look no further than the A&D Weighing EK-610i Everest Compact Balance. Its easy-to-use design, rock-solid performance, and wide range of models make it the ideal choice for any weighing application.


 A&D Weighing EK-610i Everest Compact Balance, 600g x 0.01g

A&D EK-610i Everest Compact Balance, 600g x 0.01g

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