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A&D AD-4212A-PT Pipette Accuracy Tester

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Pipette Accuracy Testing introduces a simple and efficient solution to save both time and money in the laboratory. Our product, the A&D Weighing AD-4212A-PT Pipette Accuracy Tester, offers a complete test and reporting system for pipette accuracy. It is based on the gravimetric method and is fully ISO 8655 compliant.

To ensure compliance with ISO 8655 standards, we offer three different models of the AD-4212A-PT. Each model covers various standard gravimetric methods, weighing errors, and minimum weight values. This range allows laboratories to choose the model that best suits their specific needs.

Our innovative WinCT-Pipette software accompanies the pipette accuracy tester, making the entire testing process a breeze. The intuitive software guides users step by step through setting specifications, measuring values, recording results, and detailing the testing environment. It also generates a full printable report for easy recordkeeping purposes, which can be exported to a printer or A4/letter-size report format.

The superior weighing module of the AD-4212A-PT is built with Compact Super Hybrid Sensor (C-SHS) technology. This ensures the highest precision and accuracy in pipette testing. The C-SHS technology also provides protection against vertical and transverse overload, as well as vibration and drafts influences. With fast stabilization times, this pipette accuracy tester increases efficiency when testing multiple pipettes in multi-laboratory facilities or meteorological labs.

The AD-4212A-PT comes with a range of specifications and features. It has a maximum capacity of 110 grams and a readability of 0.0001 grams. The repeatability is 0.15 grams, and linearity calibration is ±0.3 mg. The minimum weight according to the USP standards is 0.1 mg, and the stabilization time is 1.1-1.3 seconds. The weighing pan dimensions are 50 x 50 mm, and the product dimensions measure 80 x 230 x 90mm/3.1 x 9.0 x 3.5 inches. The AD-4212A-PT also comes with various accessories, including an SS Breeze Break, WinCT-Pipette software, a carry case, and connectivity options such as RS-232C and Ethernet/LAN.

For detailed information on setting up and using the AD-4212A-PT, please refer to the product manual and instruction manual provided. With our Pipette Accuracy Testing solution, you can ensure accurate pipetting results, reduce errors, and maintain ISO 8655 compliance in your laboratory.
 A&D Weighing AD-4212A-PT Pipette Accuracy Tester

A&D AD-4212A-PT Pipette Accuracy Tester