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4in Field Density Plate for Sand Cone Test

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The 4in Field Density Plate is a versatile and essential tool designed for use with the Sand Density Cone. Crafted from high-quality cast aluminum and skillfully machined, this compact device ensures accurate field density measurements with ease.

Featuring a sleek and durable construction, this field density plate is built to withstand rigorous field conditions. Its cast aluminum material provides exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Meticulously machined to perfection, each plate is precisely crafted to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

The compact size of this 4-inch field density plate allows for easy transportation and convenient handling on job sites. Its lightweight design further enhances portability, making it an ideal tool for field technicians and engineers conducting density tests in various locations. Whether it’s construction sites, roadworks, or any other project requiring soil density measurements, this field density plate seamlessly fulfills your needs.

Engineered as a complementary tool to the Sand Density Cone, this field density plate aids in achieving precise soil compaction measurements. Users can effortlessly perform tests in conjunction with the cone to obtain reliable and consistent density readings. By evenly distributing the pressure of the cone during testing, the field density plate helps ensure accurate results every time.

Easy to clean and maintain, this field density plate offers user-friendly functionality. Its smooth surface facilitates hassle-free removal of any residue, allowing for quick preparation for subsequent tests. The durable material also makes it resistant to corrosion, ensuring that this essential tool remains in excellent condition for extended periods with minimal upkeep.

Whether you are a soil engineer, geotechnical professional, or construction supervisor, the 4in Field Density Plate enhances the efficiency and reliability of your field density tests. With its robust yet lightweight construction, exceptional accuracy, and user-friendly design, this tool is a valuable addition to any soil density testing kit. Trust in the quality and performance of this field density plate to ensure accurate soil compaction measurements for successful construction projects cada

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 Houghton HM-380, 4in Field Density Plate

4in Field Density Plate for Sand Cone Test