4ft 6in Painted Angle Iron

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Mutual Industries has introduced its latest product, the 7300-0-54 4ft 6in Painted Angle Iron. Designed to provide ample support and stability for a wide range of applications, this angle iron comes in a set of two pieces, each measuring 4 feet and 6 inches long.

Constructed from high-quality steel, the 7300-0-54 angle iron boasts superior durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear. The painted finish provides an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The 7300-0-54 angle iron has a unique L-shaped profile, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of applications such as shelving, support beams, framing, and much more. The angle iron is versatile and can be easily cut or drilled to fit a variety of applications.

With the 7300-0-54 angle iron, you can be confident that you're getting a reliable and durable product that will stand the test of time. Whether you're a homeowner looking for a sturdy support beam or a contractor needing reliable framing material, this angle iron is the perfect solution.

In summary, the Mutual Industries 7300-0-54 4ft 6in Painted Angle Iron (2/ea) is a top-quality, industrial-grade product that offers superior strength, durability, and versatility. If you're looking for a reliable support or framing material, the 7300-0-54 angle iron is an excellent choice. It's a product that you can depend on and trust to get the job done right, every time.


 Mutual Industries 7300-0-54 4ft 6in Painted Angle Iron

4ft 6in Painted Angle Iron