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22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter

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22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter

The 22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter is an essential accessory for accurately measuring air content in concrete. Designed to meet the strict requirements of AASHTO T196 and ASTM C 173 test methods, this measuring cup ensures precise and reliable results.

With a capacity of 22ml, this measuring cup allows you to easily collect air samples for analysis using the Volumetair Air Meter. The size is optimized for convenient and efficient testing, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the construction industry.

Constructed from high-quality materials, this measuring cup is durable and built to withstand rigorous testing conditions. Its sturdy design ensures that it can be used repeatedly, providing long-lasting performance. The clear markings on the cup enable accurate measurement, minimizing errors and ensuring the integrity of your test results.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the 22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter is easy to handle and transport. Its small size allows for easy storage, making it convenient to keep on hand for future testing needs. This measuring cup is a practical and efficient tool for anyone involved in concrete testing and quality control.

When it comes to concrete air entrainment, accuracy is crucial. With the 22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter, you can trust that your measurements will be precise and reliable. This measuring cup is an essential component of the Volumetair Air Meter system, providing the consistently accurate results you need to ensure the quality and durability of your concrete structures.

So, whether you are a construction professional, a materials testing laboratory, or a quality control specialist, the 22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter is a must-have tool in your arsenal. Invest in this reliable and efficient measuring cup today to enhance the accuracy and reliability of your concrete air entrainment tests.

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22ml  Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter

22ml Measuring Cup for Volumetair Air Meter

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