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18in Stop/Slow Paddle W/6ft Wooden Staff

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If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality traffic control device, look no further than the Mutual Industries 14983-6 Stop/Slow Paddle. With its sturdy wooden staff and durable 18-inch paddle, this product is designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions and heavy traffic flows.

The MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 14983-6 Stop/Slow Paddle is perfect for construction sites, schools, and other locations where traffic needs to be managed safely and effectively. The paddle features high-visibility markings, including bright red lettering on a white background, making it easy for drivers and pedestrians to see even from a distance.

Plus, the paddle's ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for workers who need to hold it for extended periods of time, while the wooden staff provides a durable and secure base for the paddle head.

This MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 14983-6 Stop/Slow Paddle is sold in sets of three, making it an affordable and convenient option for organizations that need to purchase multiple traffic control devices at once. Additionally, the 6-foot length of the wooden staff allows for optimal visibility and reach for the worker holding the paddle.

Overall, the MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 14983-6 Stop/Slow Paddle is a dependable and practical choice for any organization that needs to manage traffic safely and efficiently. With its durable construction, high-visibility markings, and ergonomic design, this product is an essential tool for any workforce that needs to keep pedestrians and drivers safe on the road.
 Mutual Industries 14983-6 18in Stop/Slow Paddle W/6ft Wooden Staff

18in Stop/Slow Paddle W/6ft Wooden Staff