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18in Non Reflec Abs Stop/Slow

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Mutual Industries 14655-1-18 18in Non Reflec Abs Stop/Slow (2/ea) is a must-have product for those in the road work industry. These two ABS stop/slow paddles measure 18 inches in size and come with non-reflective material. These paddles are ideal for use in situations where reflective materials may not be suitable.

The stop/slow paddles are made from robust ABS plastic material that is guaranteed to withstand the toughest job sites. The non-reflective surface adds an extra level of safety for workers because it reflects less light, reducing the risk of blinding drivers and causing accidents. This feature makes these paddles a popular choice for roadwork in high traffic areas, where reflection from sunlight or headlights can be dangerous.

The MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 14655-1-18 18IN NON REFLEC ABS STOP/SLOW (2/EA) paddles include a bright red Stop sign on one side and a vibrant orange Slow sign on the other to ensure maximum visibility and communication to drivers. The lightweight design makes them easy to handle and move from one location to another. The convenient handle also provides a comfortable grip, making them more comfortable to hold for extended periods.

These paddles are also affordable, making them an excellent choice for both small and large roadwork projects. They offer a low-cost option that will provide years of reliable use for your workforce.

The MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 14655-1-18 18IN NON REFLEC ABS STOP/SLOW (2/EA) paddles offer excellent visibility and safety on the job site, they're durable and lightweight, and they're affordable. They're a smart investment for any company that prioritizes safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness in its roadwork projects. These paddles also meet all the standards set by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), making them an ideal choice for constructing a safe and organized work site.


 Mutual Industries 14655-1-18 18in Non Reflec Abs Stop/Slow

18in Non Reflec Abs Stop/Slow

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