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18" Replacement Rail

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and other concrete tools are a crucial investment for professionals in the construction industry. The Bon Tool 51-106, 18" Replacement Rail is a top-of-the-line product designed to help keep your concrete tools in top working condition for long periods. This heavy-duty rail is built to withstand the unique demands of concrete working conditions, including exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and rough handling.


This Bon Tool Replacement Rail is made from sturdy and durable aluminum alloy, which is non-corrosive and can withstand wear and tear. The design features precision drilled holes on both ends that ensure easy attachment to most concrete tools, including darbies, smoothers, and trowels. This product is 18 inches in length, offering ample coverage to accommodate a wide range of tools.

The Bon Tool 51-106, 18" Replacement Rail is designed with the professional contractor in mind. It is lightweight and easy to handle, even when used with larger concrete tools. The rail's texture ensures a reliable grip, even when wet, making it easier to control the tool accurately while reducing the risk of accidents.

Additionally, this product is incredibly versatile, compatible with several different Bon Tool replacement handles. Contractors can use it with other Bon Tool accessories such as the Bon Tool 12-923 Concrete Bull Float Bracket, further increasing its usefulness on a variety of concrete-related projects.


In conclusion, the Bon Tool 51-106, 18" Replacement Rail is a well-designed and durable accessory that every professional contractor must-have. It is premium quality and provides reliable support for your concrete tools, improving their functionality and ensuring their longer lifespan. Additionally, with its versatility, easy attachment to a wide range of tools, and ease of use, the Bon Tool 51-106, 18" Replacement Rail makes a smart and valuable investment for any contractor looking to improve their productivity and efficiency.
 Bon Tool 51-106, 18" Replacement Rail

18" Replacement Rail