1537adh Sump Lid

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The Mutual Industries 1537-0-0 1537ADH Sump Lid is designed to provide a secure and easy-to-use closure for sump openings. Made from high-quality durable materials, these sump lids prevent foreign debris, unwanted moisture and insects from entering the sump. The lids also help to reduce the risk of accidents by covering open sump pits.

Featuring a secure latch design, the Mutual Industries 1537-0-0 1537ADH Sump Lid is easy to install and remove, making maintenance tasks simple and hassle-free. This product is available in a convenient pack of three lids, allowing for installation on multiple sump openings.

These sump lids are perfect for both residential and commercial use. They can be used to cover sump openings in basements, utility rooms, laundry rooms, and other areas where sump pumps are installed. These lids ensure that hazardous fluids and gases are safely contained, preventing potential harm to inhabitants.

Measuring 18 inches by 22 inches, the Mutual Industries 1537-0-0 1537ADH Sump Lid is the perfect size for most sump openings. This product is compatible with a variety of sump pumps and can easily be adapted to accommodate various installations.

In addition to their practical use, these sump lids are also aesthetically appealing, featuring a sleek and simple design that blends seamlessly into any interior. The Mutual Industries 1537-0-0 1537ADH Sump Lid is an essential product for any home or business owner who wants to ensure the safety and integrity of their sump pumps. Purchase this product today and safeguard your sump pits with ease.


 Mutual Industries 1537-0-0 1537adh Sump Lid

1537adh Sump Lid