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10 Tine Ensilage Fork, Welded Steel 15" x 15" Head, 30" Wood Handle, Poly D-Grip

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The Seymour 49078 10-Tine Ensilage Fork is the perfect tool for loading and unloading silage and working with mulch. This heavy-duty fork is built to withstand tough and demanding tasks, making it a reliable choice for agricultural and landscaping professionals.

Featuring a welded steel head, the 15" x 15" design ensures maximum strength and durability. The tines are securely attached to the head, providing stability and preventing any breakage or bending during use. This ensures that you can confidently tackle any task without worrying about the longevity of your tool.

The 30" wood handle offers the ideal length for ergonomic and comfortable use. Made from high-quality wood, it is resistant to the wear and tear of everyday use. The smooth finish allows for a secure grip, giving you full control over the fork's movements. The handle is also strategically designed to reduce fatigue, making it easier to work for longer periods without sacrificing efficiency.

Equipped with a poly D-grip, this ensilage fork provides added comfort and control during use. The D-grip design is perfect for both gloved and ungloved hands, allowing for a secure and comfortable grip. This feature is especially important when working with heavy loads or in slippery conditions, ensuring that you can maintain a firm hold on the fork at all times.

The SEYMOUR 49078 10-Tine Ensilage Fork is a versatile tool that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are loading or unloading silage, working with mulch, or carrying out other landscaping tasks, this fork is up to the challenge. Its durable construction and ergonomic design make it an essential addition to any professional's toolkit.

Invest in the Seymour 49078 10-Tine Ensilage Fork and experience the difference for yourself. With its superior strength, comfortable grip, and versatile design, this fork will quickly become your go-to tool for all your agricultural and landscaping needs. Upgrade your equipment today and enjoy the efficiency and reliability that this ensilage fork provides.
 Seymour 49078, 10 Tine Ensilage Fork, Welded Steel 15" x 15" Head, 30" Wood Handle, Poly D-Grip (min qty 3 each)

10 Tine Ensilage Fork, Welded Steel 15" x 15" Head, 30" Wood Handle, Poly D-Grip