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Environmental Meters

The Environmental Meters category at Certified Material Testing Products offers a comprehensive range of meters and tools designed to measure various factors that determine the quality of a material's environment. With the understanding that the success or failure of a material is often reliant on its surrounding conditions, our collection of environmental meters allows you to accurately monitor and control different aspects of the environment.

In our selection, we provide a variety of meters to measure wind speed, air quality, radiation levels, and sound levels. These meters are essential for industries such as construction, manufacturing, and environmental science, where maintaining optimal environmental conditions is crucial. By utilizing our robust range of environmental meters, you can effectively assess the impact of environmental factors on your materials and make informed decisions to ensure their longevity and efficiency.

Our environmental meters are designed to provide reliable and precise measurements, enabling you to monitor and evaluate key environmental parameters. For example, our wind speed meters allow you to measure and analyze airflow patterns, making them invaluable for architects, engineers, and weather enthusiasts. Similarly, our air quality meters enable you to assess the levels of pollutants and allergens in the air, empowering you to create a healthier environment for both humans and machinery.

Certified Material Testing Products also offers radiation meters that are essential for nuclear power plants, hospitals, and research facilities. These meters accurately detect and measure radiation levels, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment. Furthermore, our sound level meters allow you to evaluate noise pollution levels to meet regulatory compliance and improve the overall environment.

Additionally, we understand that ease of use and convenience are paramount when it comes to these tools. That's why we offer laser meters that provide clear and straightforward measurements. These meters utilize laser technology to ensure accuracy and enable effortless measurement of various environmental parameters.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, scientist, or technician, our wide selection of measuring meters and tools cater to your specific needs. At Certified Material Testing Products, we are committed to providing reliable, durable, and accurate environmental meters that contribute to the creation of stable and safe environments. Browse our range today and discover the tools that will help you consistently achieve excellence in environmental monitoring and control.