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AMS 56976 Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4

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The AMS 56976 Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4 is a comprehensive kit designed to meet all your soil testing needs. This compact and versatile kit includes a range of features and accessories that make it the perfect tool for any soil analysis project.

The centerpiece of this kit is the 1-inch diameter soil probe, which measures 14 inches in length and is equipped with a 12-inch sample slot. This size is ideal for obtaining accurate soil samples for analysis. The probe comes with three different tips: regular, mud, and clay. This allows you to tailor your sampling technique to different soil types and conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

To facilitate easy sample collection and removal, the kit includes a spanner wrench. This handy tool makes it quick and simple to attach and detach the probe tips, enabling efficient sampling in the field. Additionally, two 1-foot extension rods are provided, allowing you to reach even deeper into the soil if required.

For comfortable and effective operation, the Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4 features a 10-inch cross handle with grips. This ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, reducing strain and fatigue during prolonged use. With this handle, you can easily control the probe and ensure precise sampling every time.

The AMS 56976 Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4 is a durable and reliable tool that will withstand the rigors of regular use. It is built to meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, ensuring years of trouble-free operation. Whether you are a professional soil scientist or a weekend gardener, this kit is a valuable addition to your toolbox.

In conclusion, the AMS 56976 Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4 is a versatile and efficient tool for soil sampling and analysis. With its range of tips, extension rods, and ergonomic handle, it offers everything you need to obtain accurate and reliable soil samples. Invest in this kit today and take your soil testing capabilities to the next level.
 AMS 56976 Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4

AMS 56976 Mini Soil Probe Kit Model 4