Vertical Cylinder Capper, 4x8in

ASTM Standard:
AASHTO Standard:
T 231

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Vertical Cylinder Capper, 4x8in

Vertical Cylinder Cappers are the most popular design for capping concrete test cylinders. These units maintain the cylinder's orientation perpendicular to the bottom plate assuring end surfaces that are parallel to each other when loaded in a concrete compression machine.

The retaining ring is filled with molten capping compound, and the cylinder is placed into the compound-filled ring and held against the upright guides until the capping compound solidifies. Each bottom plate is ground to 0.002in (0.05mm) planeness, and the vertical guides are removable to permit re-grinding to proper planeness after extended use. The cylinder cappers are also equipped with corner mounting holes, for securing to work surface if desired.

HM-264 for 4x8in (102x203mm) cylinders features vertical uprights to hold cylinders perpendicular to the bottom plate. The 0.625in (15.875mm) thick steel base allows for re-grinding to planeness requirements for extended life.


  • Removable ring and vertical guide
  • Base equipped with mounting holes
  • Thick steel bottom plate

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 617

Brows all of the bonded cylinder capping products as well as Melting Pots in Concrete Cylinder Capping and concrete testing equipment 

Vertical Cylinder Capper, 4x8in

Vertical Cylinder Capper, 4x8in