Cement Autoclave

ASTM Standard:
AASHTO Standard:
T 107M/T 107

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Cement Autoclave

The Cement Autoclave provides accelerated curing of mortar bar specimens in controlled steam pressure and temperature to determine expansion of hydraulic cements by ASTM C151 method. The ASME-certified welded steel cylinder features a bolted cover and is mounted on a rugged frame encased in a heat-insulated metal housing. Operating pressures are automatically maintained through the regulator from 60—350psi (0.4—2.4MPa) and displayed on the 600psi x 5psi dial gauge with 4.5in (115mm) diameter. A certified 350psi safety pop valve is included. An ASTM 2F thermometer, air vent valve, wrench, and package of five gaskets are also included. Replacement Gaskets, Test Bar Holder, ASTM Thermometer and Safety Pop Valves are available as accessories.

The unit operates on 115V/50-60Hz at 15.7 amps maximum power demand. For use with 230V service, order 3,000W Step-Up/Step-Down Transformer.


  • ASME Certified welded steel cylinder with bolted cover
  • Sturdy supporting frame and heat-insulated metal housing
  • Operating pressure from 60—350psi
  • Certified safety pop valves set for 350 max psi
  • 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty

Included Items:

  • Cement Autoclave
  • ASTM 2F Mercury Thermometer
  • Wrench
  • Five Gaskets
  • Certificate of Calibration for Safety Pop Valve
Gage Studs for Mortar Bars are required for use with the cement prism molds.

Pressure Rating           60–350psi (0.4–2.4bar)

Electrical         115V / 50-60Hz, 18 Watts, 15 Amps

Chamber Dimensions 6.1 x 16in (156 x 407mm), Dia.xH

Product Dimensions   17 x 48 x 28in (432 x 1220 x 711mm), WxDxH

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 151
ASTM C 490

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Cement Autoclave

Cement Autoclave