Bon Tool 22-369 Measuring Pitcher - 5 Liter

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The Bon Tool 22-369 Measuring Pitcher - 5 Liter is an essential tool for any professional or avid DIY enthusiast who values precision in measuring liquids. This pitcher is specifically designed to measure viscous materials such as paint, adhesives, and other similar substances. It is a versatile solution for any task that requires precise measurements, whether it be simple household DIY or complex industrial applications.

This measuring pitcher is made of high-quality plastic, which means that it is lightweight and durable. It can withstand heavy usage and is resistant to spills and accidents, making it perfect for busy work environments. The 5-liter capacity allows for significant volume, while the easy-to-read markings on the pitcher allow for precise measuring in either liters or milliliters.

This measuring pitcher is user-friendly, thanks to its ergonomic handle and spout. It is easy to grip, and the spout ensures that you can pour liquid without any spillage or splashing. Furthermore, the spout allows you to control the flow of the liquid, making sure that you can pour the right amount every time.

The Bon Tool 22-369 Measuring Pitcher - 5 Liter is an excellent fit for anyone in need of a reliable and hassle-free measuring tool. It is perfect for use in a variety of settings, including laboratories, construction sites, and home DIY projects. With its robust construction, easy-to-read markings, and user-friendly design, rest assured that you will not make any errors in measuring even the thickest of liquids.

Order the Bon Tool 22-369 Measuring Pitcher today and say goodbye to guesswork and inaccurate measurements.


 Bon Tool 22-369 Measuring Pitcher - 5 Liter

Bon Tool 22-369 Measuring Pitcher - 5 Liter