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M.A. Industries 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinders, Yellow, Domed Lid (50/Ct)

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Concrete Test Cylinder Size:
4x8in (102 x 203mm)
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1 unit

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M.A. Industries 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinders, Yellow, Domed Lid (50/Ct)

The M.A. Industries 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinder Molds are rugged molds that have an unlimited shelf life and are weather-resistant. They are recyclable and biodegradable, and contain a unique additive that allows microbes present in landfills and composting facilities to break down plastic. Molds are unaffected by heat, light or cement paste and are guaranteed to retain round specimen shape. Writable surface allows recording of data. Other concrete test cylinder mold sizes are also available.


  • Molded single-piece construction
  • Writable surface to record data
  • Weather-resistant
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Biodegradable

Browse the complete line of Concrete Test Cylinders Molds to find the perfect solution for your concrete testing needs.

M.A. Industries 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinder Molds Meet Test Methods:

  • AASHTO M205
  • AASHTO T22
  • AASHTO T23
  • AASHTO T126
  • AASHTO T198
  • ASTM C31
  • ASTM C39
  • ASTM C192
  • ASTM C470
  • ASTM C496

Packed 50 per case.

Our 4x8 In Concrete Test Cylinder Molds are a grey, single piece, non-absorbent, injected plastic unit for a consistent shape and dimensional tolerance. The 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinder Molds are climate resistant and have an unlimited shelf life. You can find these molds and everything else you need for concrete testing at Certified MTP. Browse everything available including a profoscopeconcrete thermometer stick, the NR Hammer and more. 

Our most popular 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinders comes in either 36 per case or 96 per case and can be purchased in either gray or yellow. All of our plastic concrete test cylinders are made from a non-absorbent, single-piece injected plastic mold for a consistent shape and dimensional integrity. These concrete test cylinders are climate resistant and have no expiration. We also offer the 2x4 concrete test cylinders, 3x6 concrete test cylinders, and the 6x12 concrete test cylinders. Not only do we offer concrete test cylinders, but we also carry quality graduated tamping rods and domed lid.

Accessories to Concrete Test Cylinder Molds:

Tamping Rods for Slump Cone Test have hemispherical tips and are for use when consolidating concrete specimens in required tests that include slump, air content, and strength

Concrete Strike-Off Bar is used to remove excess material

Screw-driver Style Concrete Cylinder Stripping Tool and T-Handle Stripping Tool  allows quicker, easier stripping of concrete test cylinders

Rubber Mallet has a 2.25in hard rubber face for removing the cured concrete specimen mold from the plastic cylinder and is also used consolidating concrete in unit weight measures

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 M.A. Industries 004-48002-1, 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinder Molds, Yellow, Domed Lid (50 per case)

M.A. Industries 4x8in Concrete Test Cylinders, Yellow, Domed Lid (50/Ct)