Lab Companion AAHB2003U, DLH-01G Ductless (Small) Fume Hood


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The Lab Companion DLH-01G Ductless (Small) Fume Hood is a safe and energy-saving mobile workspace free from toxic vapors and fumes without the need of costly ductwork. Meeting or exceeding various international safety standards.

Safety Standards Compliance

  • Efficiency and capacity of activated carbon filters : BS 7989:2001)
  • Structure, electrical outlet, lighting, and sound level : BS 7258-1:1994
  • Local smoke, large volume visualization, face velocity, and tracer gas
    :ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 and NF EN 14175-1

Constructional Features

  • Easy monitoring of the internal airflow speed thanks to the built-in anemometer
  • Convenient change of filter cartridges by opening the upper front cover
  • Fully or half openable front door for convenient transport of experimental apparatuses and equipments into or out of the workspace
  • Large-capacity blower maintaining sufficient intake flow rate and reducing noise
    (less than 55 dB under normal operation)
  • Fluorescent light installed outside the workspace in order to prevent the airflow hindrance as well as the contamination while maintaining illumination intensity
  • Built-in utility hole for easily routing the cords or wires of the equipments placed inside the hood


  • Fume Hood Type: Ductless
  • Permissible Environmental Condition: Temperature 5C to 40C. Maximum relative humidity 80%, Maximum altitudes 2,000m
  • Controller: Microprocessor control
  • Face Velocity: Initial set point: 0.4m/s, 80fpm
  • Air Flow Meter: Swing vane type
  • Main Filter: Chemical Filter (optional 6 different filters)
  • Pre Filter: Washable high efficiency nylon filter
  • Materials
    • Main Body: 2.0mm steel (epoxy powder-coated)
    • Work Surface: Optional 6 different work surfaces
    • Window (Front / Side): 8mm / 6mm Tick acrylic resin
  • Fluorescent Light Intensity: > 600lux
  • Noise Level: 55dB under normal operation
  • Dimension
    • Internal (mm/inch): 880×640×800 / 34.6×25.2×31.5
    • External without Stand (mm / inch): 900×660×1250 / 35.4×26×49.2
    • External with Stand (mm / inch): 900×660×1985 / 35.4×26×78.1
    • Net Weight (Body) (kg / lbs): 100 / 220.5
    • Net Weight (Body+Stand) (kg / lbs): 120 / 264.6
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V, 60Hz / 1.3A
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 Lab Companion AAHB2003U, DLH-01G Ductless (Small) Fume Hood

Lab Companion AAHB2003U, DLH-01G Ductless (Small) Fume Hood