Bon Tool 14-125 Goggles

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The Bon Tool 14-125 Goggles are designed to offer premium eye protection while also ensuring maximum comfort. With their clear frames and lenses, these goggles are perfect for individuals who work in industries where they need to have unobstructed vision for their projects.

The comfortable PVC nose bridge and flange of these goggles are universal, which means they will fit most people's faces with ease. This is important because poorly fitting goggles can cause discomfort and may lessen the overall protection they offer. Additionally, the goggles are designed to be adjustable so that you can customize the fit to best suit your unique requirements.

The Bon Tool 14-125 Goggles meet the CSA 294.3 standard, which ensures that they provide adequate protection against impact, penetration, and optical radiation. The ANZI Z87.1 standard is equally vital, as it means that these goggles have been certified by the American National Standards Institute to meet all the necessary safety requirements for eye protection.

These goggles are ideal for individuals who work in environments that can produce debris, dust, or hazardous chemicals, such as construction sites, laboratories, or manufacturing units. Additionally, they are excellent for outdoor activities such as cycling and running, providing complete protection against dust, dirt, and UV rays.

In conclusion, if you are looking for top-quality eye protection that is both comfortable and durable, the Bon Tool 14-125 Goggles are an excellent choice. With their clear frames and lenses, adjustable neoprene headband, and universal PVC nose bridge/flange, these goggles offer the perfect combination of safety and comfort for any activity that requires eye protection. Moreover, the fact that they meet rigorous safety standards means that you can trust them to provide the highest level of protection.


 Bon Tool 14-125 Goggles

Bon Tool 14-125 Goggles