Gilson OBA-280 Calibration Mass, NIST Class F, 50lb


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With more sophisticated testing and more frequent auditing of laboratory equipment, it has become increasingly necessary for laboratories to calibrate their own balances. Calibration Masses are offered to check span and linearity and calibrate electronic balances. The commonly used Span Calibration method uses one-point calibration with a single mass approximately equal to the capacity of the balance. Some balances use the Linearity Calibration method which allows the user to select multiple mass settings, normally defined as zero, center (half span), and full span of the balances capacity. This method minimizes deviation throughout the balance's weighing range.

NIST Class F Calibration Masses are available for higher capacity balances and scales. Fabricated of cast iron with integral grip handles.

NIST Class F weights are perfect for higher capacity, less sensitive balances and scales.

Global Gilson OBA-280 Calibration Mass, NIST Class F, 50lb

Gilson OBA-280 Calibration Mass, NIST Class F, 50lb