Turf-Tec BS2-S Brass Sieve Set 8in Gravel


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Brass Sieve Set 8" Gravel (Sieve sizes 5/8”, 1/2”, 3/8", 1/4” inch and 2.00 mm with pan and cover)

These solid brass sieves are a full eight inches in diameter and are the same type of sieves used by laboratories and Universities for particle size analysis.

These sieves are excellent for determining the particle size of sand. It is ideal for checking topdressing sands, measuring the consistency of sand trap sands and a must for use during construction.

The Brass Sieve Set comes with a full USGA breakdown with six, eight inch diameter sieves that form a stack with the below diameter mesh screens.

The sieves placed in sequential order of largest to smallest will allow a complete particle size breakdown.


Brass Frames. Brass Cloth and Bronze Phosphorous for smaller meshes. Sieves are 8" Inches in diameter Height of 2" Inches. They fit into each other to form a stack. Sieve cover and pan are included. Gravel sizes are also available. Made in the USA

USGA Class - Gravel: US Standard Mesh Number | Millimeter Size | Inches

8 Inch Diameter Cover: n/a | n/a | n/a

5/8" Inch: 5/8" Inch | 15.875 mm | 0.625

1/2" Inch: 1/2" Inch | 12.700 mm | 0.500

3/8" Inch: 3/8" Inch | 9.525 mm | 0.375

1/4" Inch: 1/4" Inch | 6.35 mm | 0.250

Very Course: # 10 | 2.00 mm | 0.0787

8 Inch Diameter Pan: n/a | n/a | n/a

 Turf-Tec BS2-S Brass Sieve Set 8in Gravel

Turf-Tec BS2-S Brass Sieve Set 8in Gravel