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Stackable beakers, polypropylene (pp), 120ml, case of 1000

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United Scientific brings you the perfect solution for all your laboratory needs with the BST120-CASE Stackable beakers made of polypropylene (pp). This case includes 1000 beakers, each with a capacity of 120ml or 4 oz.

Polypropylene is a highly flexible material that allows you to create a spout anywhere on the rim with gentle pressure. This feature is especially useful when you need precise pouring without spills or splashes. Also, the beakers are designed with ribs on the bottom so that they can stack easily, preventing them from sticking together and causing frustration in your workspace.

The BST120-CASE beakers are autoclavable, making them ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, or any environment that requires sterilization. You can easily sanitize them without worrying about damaging the structure or function of the beakers.

The graduations of the United Scientific BST120-CASE beakers occur every 10ml or 0.5 oz. This makes it simple and precise to measure fluids accurately, which is vital in scientific experiments or chemical reactions. The beaker's shape measures 70mm in outer diameter and 64mm in height, making them a convenient size for various experiments and can be combined with other laboratory equipment.

Overall, United Scientific's BST120-CASE Stackable beakers are an excellent addition to any laboratory or work environment where precise measuring, flexibility, sanitation and storage are essential. With their unique design, and reliable structure, these beakers are sure to meet all your needs impeccably.
 United Scientific BST120-CASE Stackable beakers, polypropylene (pp), 120ml, case of 1000

Stackable beakers, polypropylene (pp), 120ml, case of 1000