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AAHB3022K PW-21 PCR Workstation

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The Lab Companion AAHB3022K PW-21 PCR Workstation is a high-performance workstation designed to provide optimal protection against cross-contamination. With an ISO class 4 (US class 10) HEPA filter and a high-quality polyester fiber pre-filter, this workstation effectively traps larger particles and increases the lifespan of the main HEPA filter. The HEPA filter has an average lifespan of 3 years, depending on the test room conditions.

To ensure effective sterilization, the PW-21 PCR Workstation is equipped with a long-life 254 nm UV lamp. This UV lamp has an average lifespan of 8,000 hours and deactivates DNA and RNA contaminants. Additionally, the workstation features a built-in anti-glare fluorescent lamp that minimizes shadows and relieves eye strain.

The user-friendly microprocessor-based control panel allows for easy adjustment of the blower speed and features a digital timer for UV light exposure. The front access design of the workstation provides convenient access to the cartridge type of filters for easy replacement.

Safety is a top priority with the PW-21 PCR Workstation. It is equipped with an interlocking safety door system that automatically shuts off the UV light when the door is opened. The UV-blocking door and side panels, made of transparent acrylic resin, provide a clear inside view while protecting the user. The workstation also includes UV over-exposure alarm and over-current protection features.

In terms of airflow, the PW-21 PCR Workstation operates in a vertical air flow type, ensuring efficient air circulation. It has a maximum air volume of 929 cmh / 546 cfm and a minimum air volume of 279 cmh / 162 cfm. The workstation meets the air cleanliness standards of ISO 14644-1 class 4, with a HEPA filter that has a typical efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 μm.

With dimensions of 1200x605x964 mm (47.2x24x38 inches) and a net weight of 77.8 kg (171.5 lbs), the PW-21 PCR Workstation provides ample space for PCR work. The work surface is made of 10mm thick acrylic resin, and the front and side windows are made of 8mm and 10mm thick acrylic resin, respectively.

The Lab Companion AAHB3022K PW-21 PCR Workstation is a reliable and efficient workstation that ensures optimal protection and convenience for PCR work. Its advanced features and safety measures make it an ideal choice for laboratories and research facilities.
 Lab Companion AAHB3022K PW-21 PCR Workstation

AAHB3022K PW-21 PCR Workstation