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BC-01H Clean Bench 230V / 50Hz

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The Lab Companion AAHA5012K BC-01H Clean Bench is a high-performance clean bench designed to provide optimal protection against cross-contamination in laboratory settings. With a powerful ISO class 4 (US class 10) HEPA filter, this clean bench removes 99.99% of 0.3 μm and larger particulates, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

One of the standout features of the BC-01H Clean Bench is its digital airflow rate sensor, which allows for automated airflow speed control. This feature offers a continual airflow speed of the same velocity, extending the life span of the HEPA filter and ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, the exclusive diffusing muffler structure creates a high-quality laminar flow, resulting in a quiet and comfortable working environment with a noise level of less than 65dB.

Convenience is also a key aspect of the BC-01H Clean Bench. The interlocking smart door system automatically turns off the UV-lamp and turns on the fluorescent lamp and blower when the door is opened, eliminating the need for manual control. The bench is equipped with two digital displays, making it easy to monitor unit conditions such as airflow velocity, temperature, and humidity. The digital differential pressure sensor allows for easy verification of the HEPA filter condition, ensuring timely filter changes. Additionally, the UV warning lamp automatically turns on when the UV light intensity drops below 80%, indicating the need to change the UV-lamp.

Safety features are also incorporated into the design of the BC-01H Clean Bench. The UV-blocking and impact-resistant tempered glass door protects users while allowing for easy viewing of the workspace. If the sash is opened beyond the recommended height level during operation, a warning alarm activates to alert users to lower the window and prevent contamination. When the sash is opened during UV-lamp operation, the UV lamp automatically turns off to protect users.

The BC-01H Clean Bench is constructed to be highly durable and easy to clean, with a rust-free grade 304 stainless steel work surface. The inner left side magnetic board provides space for memos and small tools, enhancing convenience and organization.

With its vertical laminar flow and vertical air cleanliness ISO class 4 (US Federal Standard 209E class 10), the BC-01H Clean Bench ensures a clean and controlled work environment. It is equipped with a HEPA filter with a typical efficiency of 99.99% on 0.3μm particulates, as well as a high-quality polyester fiber pre filter to trap larger particles and increase the life of the main filter.

The Lab Companion AAHA5012K BC-01H Clean Bench is the perfect solution for laboratories looking to maintain a clean and safe working environment. Its advanced features, convenience, and safety features make it an excellent choice for scientific professionals.
 Lab Companion AAHA5012K BC-01H Clean Bench, 230V / 50Hz

BC-01H Clean Bench 230V / 50Hz