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Bird-X CB-PRO Critter Blaster Pro

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Bird-X CB-PRO Critter Blaster Pro

Permanently eliminate pest problems with our most aggressive sonic product. Comes with a standalone control panel and four speakers. The Critter Blaster PRO is designed for large, remote outdoor areas and uses digitally recorded, customizable harassment sounds to repel ALL animals.

  • Sonic pest bird and animal control – repel any animal!
  • Coverage area of up to 6 acres
  • Specifically created for outdoor areas
  • Includes installation consultation
  • 30 Day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee

With a range of up to 6 acres, the aggressive digitally recorded sounds of the Critter Blaster PRO will irritate and alarm ALL species without traps or chemicals. Four powerful, directional speakers can be mounted anywhere to emit a series of harassment sounds that drive animals away and train them to stay away.

The Critter Blaster PRO is fully programmable with 8 digitally recorded sounds that can be played at various intervals. The weatherproof and flexible coverage makes it perfect for large outdoor areas. Plus, it comes with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee to assure your unwanted guests are gone for good!


  • Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs
  • Protect buildings, cars, and equipment from droppings
  • Reduce health, safety, and liability risks
  • Prevent the spread of diseases, such as Lyme Disease, West Nile, and E. Coli
  • Avoid government and safety inspection failures
  • Save outdoor grounds from bird and pest damage
  • Maintain and increase property aesthetics

GUARANTEE/WARRANTY:  30 Day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, 6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty Against Material Defects

PROTECTION COVERAGE:       Up to 6 acres (2.4 hectares)

DIMENSIONS:  Control Unit 9” x 9” x 5.25”, Speakers 4” x 4” x 6”

POWER CORD LENGTH:          6 ft.

SOUND PRESSURE:     105–110 dB at 1 meter


VOLTAGE OPTIONS:    110V (International voltage options available upon request.)


BOX DIMENSIONS:      19″ x 13″ x 7″

SHIPPING WEIGHT:     12 lbs.

COMPLIANCE: Supply Power Source is UL and CE listed

EPA EST.          075310-OR-001

 Bird-X CB-PRO Critter Blaster Pro

Bird-X CB-PRO Critter Blaster Pro