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Windsor Probe Test System (Digital)

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Windsor Probe Test System (Digital)

The Windsor Probe System has been modified to conform to the updated ASTM C803 safety and specification requirements. The driver can only be discharged by pushing firmly against the actuating template during a test. The actuating template has also been increased in size for additional protection from material debris.

Each system comes with a portable carrying case with a driver and all templates and accessories for positioning and measuring. A kit for determining Moh’s Hardness of coarse aggregate is also included. Probes are purchased separately in Kits or in Cases of 25 Kits. Each Kit contains three probes, three adapters, and three power loads, enough to run one test. Probe specifications and tolerance values are included.

WP-530 Standard Test System is a cost-effective choice for users with limited needs. The system is supplied with a manually operated depth gauge to determine the exposed length of the embedded probes and a printed chart for estimating concrete strength. System measures probe length in both inches and millimeters.

WP-532A Digital Test System features electronic acquisition and calculation of probe data, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. The menu-driven electronic measuring system is easy to operate. Simply enter parameters of aggregate hardness and concrete type, position the measuring unit over each probe, and press “Enter” to determine probe depths. The advanced system automatically averages, displays, and stores depth readings in memory along with date and time. Calculated strengths are displayed in either pound per square inch (psi) or megaPascal (mPa) units. Data can be uploaded to a PC with included software cables. Standard systems can be upgraded with WP-700 Electronic Measuring Upgrade. Systems indicate in both psi and mPa units.

Note: Due to export regulations, this item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.


  • Optimal for accurately and rapidly determining the developing strength of concrete
  • Electronic measuring system enhances accuracy and efficiency
  • Measurement to 17000 psi (110 MPa)
  • Memory for data storage and uploading to PC
  • Safe-to-operate with no recoil or accidental discharge
  • Compliant with ASTM C803/803M and other standards

Included Items:

  • Windsor Probe Standard Test System
  • Printed chart


  • Windsor Probe Electronic Test System
  • Software cables for printing

Both include:

  • Carrying case with driver and all templates and accessories for positioning/measuring
  • Kit for determining Moh’s Hard­ness of coarse aggregate

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