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Vernier caliper, plastic

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The United Scientific VCP001 Vernier caliper is an affordable yet durable measuring tool designed for a wide range of applications. Made from high-strength polypropylene, this caliper is built to last and can withstand heavy use in laboratory and industrial settings.

The dual scale range of this caliper is 6 inches or 150mm, providing you with the flexibility to measure a variety of objects and materials with ease. Additionally, the caliper features a high level of readability with measurements in 1/128 inch or 0.05mm increments. This level of precision makes the United Scientific VCP001 Vernier caliper an ideal tool for scientific and engineering applications, where accurate measurements are crucial.

Thanks to its lightweight and sturdy plastic construction, the VCP001 Vernier caliper is easy to handle and comfortable to use. The sliding jaw mechanism operates smoothly and locks securely in place, ensuring that readings are accurate and reliable. The instrument also features a thumb wheel for fine adjustments, which lets you tweak the measurement position without moving your hand.

The United Scientific VCP001 Vernier caliper is designed for use in a range of environments. It is ideal for use in laboratory settings, where precise measurements are essential for experimental processes. The caliper is also well suited to industrial environments, where it can be used to take measurements on a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and ceramics.

Overall, the United Scientific VCP001 Vernier caliper is an excellent tool for anyone in need of accurate, reliable measurements. Its durable plastic construction, easy-to-read scale, and smooth sliding jaw make it a must-have for scientists, engineers, and hobbyists alike.
 United Scientific VCP001 Vernier caliper, plastic

Vernier caliper, plastic