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Traffic Cone 28in10lb Org Reflective (1 case of 270)

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The Mutual Industries 17722-128-10 Traffic Cone is the perfect solution for keeping drivers and pedestrians safe on busy roads and construction sites. This bright orange cone stands at 28 inches and weighs 10 pounds, making it visible and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather and heavy winds.

Made of durable PVC material, the cone features reflective strips that enhance nighttime visibility, ensuring that any oncoming traffic can spot it from a distance. The reflective strips are designed to grip the surface and prevent slippage, providing additional stability to the cone.

The MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 17722-128-10 TRAFFIC CONE comes in a pack of three. This ensures that roadwork crews and construction sites have enough cones to create a clear demarcation and prevent accidents. The cones are also easy to store and transport, thanks to their stackable design which saves time and storage space.

These cones are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including controlling large crowds, roping off accident-prone areas, and creating parking spots. Plus, the bright orange color of the cone ensures that it will stand out in any situation.

To sum up, the MUTUAL INDUSTRIES 17722-128-10 TRAFFIC CONE 28IN10LB ORG REFLECTIVE is a must-have for safety-conscious individuals who want to ensure that their community is secure. Its durable PVC material, reflective strips, stackable design, and bright orange color make it the perfect tool for keeping streets, construction sites, and public gatherings safe.
 Mutual Industries 17722-128-10 Traffic Cone 28in10lb Org Reflective

Traffic Cone 28in10lb Org Reflective (1 case of 270)