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Teasing needle, blunt, straight

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The United Scientific NSB001 Teasing Needle is the ultimate tool for precision dissection. Made from premium quality stainless steel, this needle boasts a blunt and straight design that allows for safe and accurate probing of delicate specimens. Whether you need to tease apart fragile tissues or manipulate small objects during an experiment, this teasing needle is the perfect choice.

With a total of 36 needles included in each box, you'll always have a fresh supply on hand for your work. Each needle measures 4 inches in length and is highly durable, so you can rely on it for multiple uses. The blunt tip adds an extra layer of safety, as it minimizes the risk of accidentally puncturing your skin or damaging small structures.

The United Scientific NSB001 Teasing Needle is a versatile instrument that can be used in a variety of scientific fields. It's ideal for biologists, medical students, and anyone who needs to handle delicate materials with precision. You can use the needle to splay open the lobes of a brain, to extract small seeds from fruits, or to manipulate tiny organisms in a petri dish.

The sleek and simple design of this stainless steel needle ensures that it's easy to handle and use, and its straight shape allows for efficient and precise maneuvering. The needle is lightweight and easy to store, making it a convenient addition to any laboratory.

If you're looking for a high-quality teasing needle that combines precision and durability, the United Scientific NSB001 Teasing Needle is an excellent choice. Order your set today and discover the convenience and accuracy of this essential scientific tool.
 United Scientific NSB001 Teasing needle, blunt, straight

Teasing needle, blunt, straight