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Spot plate, porcelain, 6 wells

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The United Scientific JSC006 Spot plate is an intricately designed product to cater to all your requirements in the lab. This porcelain spot plate is a versatile tool that can ease up your experiments while also being extremely durable. With its smooth, glazed surface and six wells, it is ideal for a variety of uses in the lab.

Designed to facilitate various color reactions, this spot plate is perfect for any laboratory or classroom setting. The JSC006 spot plate is numbered for ease of use and the bottom surface is left unglazed to prevent slipping and ensure stability while in use. Moreover, it is easy to clean and has a small footprint making it easy to store.

The porcelain construction of the United Scientific JSC006 Spot plate ensures it can withstand the heat of any lab process thus increasing its durability. It also has the ability to withstand harsh chemicals that may be used in the lab routinely. Porcelain spot plates are known for their exceptional chemical resistance in addition to being scratch and chip-resistant, which makes it ideal for long-lasting use.

The JSC006 spot plate has dimensions of 94mm in length and 62mm in width. It comes with six individual wells of the same size that are designed to hold the desired quantity of fluid to be tested. Furthermore, It is sold in packs of 1 and cases of 12, allowing you to purchase according to your requirements.

Overall, the United Scientific JSC006 Spot plate is an essential tool for any lab that demands precise and efficient operations. Its versatility, durability, and ease of use is unmatched making this an indispensable asset for any laboratory.
 United Scientific JSC006 Spot plate, porcelain, 6 wells

Spot plate, porcelain, 6 wells