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The United Scientific 500-12 Spirogyra is an exceptional addition to our line of prepared slides. This high-quality slide showcases a unique and fascinating specimen of the spirogyra organism, presenting great educational opportunities for students and enthusiasts alike.

With a wide range of specimens in Zoology, Botany, General Biology, Histology, Parasitology, Embryology, Fungi, Monera, and Protista, United Scientific provides top-notch prepared slides that meet your specific needs and preferences. This single-slide presentation is perfect for those looking to incorporate the spirogyra organism into their studies, designed for seamless use in classrooms, labs, or individuals at home.

Each slide is made with exceptional standards to ensure that it displays the specimen accurately, with prominent features that make it easy to observe and study. The slide has dimensions of 25.4x76.2mm, providing ample space for in-depth analysis, and with 24 units in each pack, it is budget-friendly for bulk purchases.

Please note that our Prepared Slides are not toys and are advised for scientific and educational purposes only. Due to the sharpness and fragile nature of the slides, please handle with extensional care to avoid shards, cuts, and other accidents.

In summary, our United Scientific 500-12 Spirogyra is an excellent addition to our series of Prepared Slides. With its exceptional quality and vivid features, it is perfect for students and enthusiasts alike with its educational and scientific uses. Get your hands on the slide today, and enjoy exciting and memorable scientific exploration and observation with United Scientific.
 United Scientific 500-12 Spirogyra (1 each)