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Spatula with spoon, porcelain, 125mm

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The United Scientific JSS003 Spatula with Spoon is a versatile piece of laboratory equipment that's an absolute must-have for scientists, researchers, and lab technicians who require accuracy and precision when handling samples or doing experiments. Made of high-quality porcelain, this spatula is extremely durable, ensuring long-lasting use without any damage or wear and tear.

The spatula features two ends, each serving a unique purpose to make the lab work much easier. The flat end is perfect for scraping or spreading samples while the spoon end is ideal for transferring small amounts of powders or liquids. Each end has a smooth, glazed porcelain finish that guarantees easy cleaning and prevents cross-contamination between samples.

The United Scientific JSS003 Spatula with Spoon is 125mm long, providing a comfortable grip for the user to hold and maneuver while working in the lab. It's also designed to hold up to 0.3ml of samples with its spoon end, ensuring accurate measurement and minimizing the risk of spills or waste.

The spatula comes in a pack of five, convenient for labs with multiple technicians or conducting multiple experiments. Whether you're working in a biology, chemistry, or physics lab, this spatula is an essential tool that simplifies your work.

In summary, the United Scientific JSS003 Spatula with Spoon is a high-quality, durable, and versatile product that's perfect for any lab. Its glazed porcelain finish, comfortable 125mm length, and two-end design make it a must-have for precision work in the lab. With its spoon end and flat end, the spatula is perfect for transferring and scraping samples, making it an essential tool for any laboratory that values accuracy and precision.
 United Scientific JSS003 Spatula with spoon, porcelain, 125mm

Spatula with spoon, porcelain, 125mm