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Sling Psychrometer, Pack of 15

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The United Scientific SPCRKIT-PK/15 Sling psychrometer is a precision instrument that gives an accurate measurement of relative humidity. Measuring relative humidity is essential for various industry sectors, such as meteorology, agriculture, and manufacturing. The pack of 15 sling psychrometers makes it a perfect tool for classrooms or large research assignments.

This kit includes two plastic-backed Celsius thermometers, one for dry bulb measurements and the other for wet bulb measurements. The thermometers are mounted on a wooden handle so they can be spun to obtain temperature readings. It also comes with an activity guide that provides a relative humidity calculation table which helps students quickly calculate their results.

The assembly of this sling psychrometer is easy, and it comes with clear instructions that do not require any technical knowledge. Therefore, it can be used by anyone, including students who are learning about relative humidity.

The United Scientific SPCRKIT-PK/15 Sling psychrometer is a must-have tool for people working in industries that require accurate humidity measurements such as museums, libraries, paper mills, textile industries, and many more.

It is important to note that this product comes with warnings concerning cancer and reproductive harm, as declared by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. Therefore, the product should be used correctly, and safety measures should be taken.

In conclusion, the United Scientific SPCRKIT-PK/15 Sling psychrometer is a durable and reliable tool that produces accurate results. It is user-friendly, requires minimal assembly, and is ideal for both laboratory use and educational settings.

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