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Slide holding forceps

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United Scientific SFK001 Slide Holding Forceps are the perfect tool for those who work in medical laboratories, research institutes, or educational institutions. These forceps are made of high-quality plated steel wire, providing strong and enduring support for delicate glass covers and slides. The United Scientific SFK001 Slide Holding Forceps allow the safe handling of thin glass coverings, thus reducing the risk of breakage of the cover glass and microscope slide.

The forceps are specifically designed to enable easy and tight handling of cover glasses and slides, ensuring correct placement and positioning of glass covers. This is particularly important when working with microscopic specimens as the slightest movement or shift in positioning can impact the accuracy of results. The pointed and angled tips of the forceps comprise grooves to hold cover glasses and slides securely in place. This design makes the forceps ideal for use in all types of labs, making the handling of delicate specimens easier and more efficient.

The United Scientific SFK001 Slide Holding Forceps come in a pack of sixty, providing ample supply for regular use in busy labs. They are lightweight and easy to handle, designed for ease of use by individuals with varying levels of experience.

In summary, the United Scientific SFK001 Slide Holding Forceps are an essential tool for those working in medical research facilities or educational institutions. Made from high-quality plated steel wire, the forceps offer long-lasting durability and resilience, while their grooved tips efficiently hold glass covers and slides in place, preventing damage, and helping ensure accuracy in research and experimentation. They come in a pack of sixty, providing a cost-effective solution to securing delicate specimens and enabling accurate testing in a wide range of laboratory settings.
 United Scientific SFK001 Slide holding forceps

Slide holding forceps