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Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer, Type N

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Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer, Type N

Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer (OS8200) impact mechanism features a lightweight alloy impact plunger and precision optical encoders to measure impact values on hardened concrete. The proprietary measurement system features automatic position correction and is unaffected by internal friction, maximizing the accuracy and repeatability of the Silver Schmidt over traditional concrete test hammers. Rebound numbers for this sophisticated system are expressed as Q values, better suited for testing high-strength concretes.

The Silver Schmidt Hammer meets ASTM and International standards and can be used in combination with pulse velocity data in sonic rebound (SONREB) methods for more accurate compressive strength estimates. Data logging capabilities and intuitive menu-guided operation allow more efficient testing and reporting. Up to 20,000 data points can be recorded in multiple series of 70 impacts each and preset statistical programs further enhance test accuracy. Data management and information sharing features are optimized through the Schmidt Live app, a free download for Apple iOS and Android devices. The iOS version features text-to-speech operation for rapid and efficient test logging.

Connection to a web-based reporting tool via Bluetooth enables real-time sharing of test data. A logbook feature allows GPS positioning, notes, images, and audio comments to be added to the reports. The app also allows for instantaneous report generation in pdf and CSV formats.

The HM-89 Silver Schmidt Rebound Hammer has an impact energy of 2.207Nm (1.63ft-lbf) for testing concrete with compressive strengths from 1,450 to 14,500psi (10 to 100MPa). With correlation curves generated by the user, it is effective on ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with compressive strengths up to 17,405psi (120MPa). The unit features a backlit, 100x100 pixel display, and a rugged, fiber-reinforced shell. Power is supplied by alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries with an estimated life of 20,000 impacts between charges. See HM-89L for a model with an impact energy of 0.735Nm (0.54ft-lbf) for improved repeatability and reduced damage to concrete with cross-sections less than 4in (100mm) thick.

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  • Much faster measurement and report logging than analog hammers
  • Estimates concrete strengths from 1,450 to 14,500psi (10 to 100MPa)
  • Q Value measurements for strengths up to 17,405psi (120mPa) with user-correlated data
  • Schmidt Live app for iOS or Android reduces errors and increases security
  • Memory capacity up to 20,000 measurements in 70 series
  • Create custom correlation curves
  • Impact results via text-to-speech on Apple iOS devices
  • Reports exported in either PDF or CSV formats

Included Items:

  • Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer (Type N)
  • Carrying bag
  • Carborundum stone
  • Micro USB cable
  • Rechargeable AAA battery
  • Certificate of conformity and conversion curves
Global Gilson HM-89 Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer, Type N

Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer, Type N