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SECO 4300KR, 2-Power Stadia Hand Level

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The SECO 4300KR 2-POWER STADIA HAND LEVEL is a top-of-the-line tool that guarantees utmost precision and accuracy. It is hand-finished to ensure smooth operation and is equipped with etched glass prisms and precision ground lenses. With a stadia ratio of 1:32, this level provides a very sharp field of view, allowing users to capture accurate measurements with ease.

One notable feature of the SECO 4300KR is its design that eliminates exposed screws, preventing adjustment failure. This level can be easily disassembled for cleaning and can be completely reassembled and adjusted in the field, saving users time and effort. Additionally, the interior of this hand level is non-glare, ensuring optimal visibility even in bright or harsh lighting conditions. The exterior is coated with a highly-visible powder coating finish, further enhancing visibility and durability.

With a compact and portable design, this hand level measures five inches when closed and extends to seven inches when opened. It comes with a leather carrying case that features a belt loop and snap flap, allowing users to conveniently bring it anywhere they go. For further convenience, the SECO 4300KR includes a parts list and instructions, ensuring users have everything they need to operate and maintain this high-quality tool.

Manufactured by Kuker-Ranken, a trusted name in the industry, the SECO 4300KR 2-POWER STADIA HAND LEVEL guarantees exceptional quality and reliability. Whether you are a professional surveyor, engineer, or hobbyist, this hand level is a must-have tool that will greatly enhance your accuracy and efficiency in the field.

Invest in the SECO 4300KR 2-POWER STADIA HAND LEVEL today and experience a new level of precision and ease in your measurements.
 SECO 4300KR, 2-Power Stadia Hand Level

SECO 4300KR, 2-Power Stadia Hand Level