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Rubber stoppers, 2-hole, #7 (pk of 1LB )

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The United Scientific RST7-H2 Rubber stoppers are a must-have in any laboratory that deals with non-aggressive or concentrated solutions. Made of solid natural rubber, these stoppers stay pliable over a long period of time and have a low sulfur content. The stoppers can withstand temperatures ranging from -25 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications.

These stoppers are available in three variants - solid, one-hole, and two-hole versions. The size of each stopper is marked in raised figures for easy identification. The RST7-H2 model features two holes and is perfect for those applications where you need to use multiple components.

Each bag of United Scientific RST7-H2 Rubber stoppers contains one pound of stoppers, which translates to approximately 13 stoppers per pound. The stoppers have a top diameter of 37mm and a bottom diameter of 30mm, with a hole size of 5mm. Autoclavable, these rubber stoppers are durable and can be reused for a long period of time.

These rubber stoppers are perfect for use in chemistry labs, biology labs, research labs, and many other applications. The stoppers are easy to use and can be inserted or removed without any difficulty. If you are looking for high-quality rubber stoppers that will last for a long time, the United Scientific RST7-H2 Rubber stoppers are an excellent choice. So, why wait? Order your pack today and experience the benefits of these high-quality rubber stoppers!
 United Scientific RST7-H2 Rubber stoppers, 2-hole, #7 (pk of 1LB )

Rubber stoppers, 2-hole, #7 (pk of 1LB )