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Roller For Canola Counting Paddle

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Seedburo Canola Counting Paddles

The Seedburo Canola/Rapeseed Counting Paddles perform quick counts of canola seeds and help detect damaged seeds (distinctly green or heat damaged).

The paddles are used with masking tape and a roller to crush the seeds. The paddles are made of acrylic and are pre-drilled with 100 or 500 depressions.

When detecting for seed damage, first a 10g portion is hand-picked to determine content of visibly damaged seeds. The remaining portion is analyzed with the aid of the Canola Paddle. The sample is poured over the paddle until each depression fills with seeds. A piece of masking tape is placed evenly over the top of the paddle, enclosing the seeds. The tape is then removed with seeds stuck to it and laid face up on the counter. The small roller is then used to crush the seeds. Make one pass of the roller under firm pressure. The sample is then ready for visual inspection of
damaged seed (distinctly green in color). A minimum of 5 sets of samples should be crushed. If indication of heat damage is present, 5 more sets should be made. The 500 count paddle increases crushing speed by completing 5 sets of samples with one test.


  • CPKIT: The Seedburo Canola Counting Kit comes complete with one 8-1/2" (L) x 19" (W) canvas bag, one each of the No. CP100 and No. CP500 counting paddles, one each of the 1" and 2" masking tapes, a crushing roller and a 7x lighted pocket magnifier.
    Ship wt: 3 lbs, Ship dims: 26" (L) x 6" (W) x 6" (H).
  • CP100: Canola Counting Paddle (100 Count) - Actual dims: 9" (L) x 1¼" (W).
  • CP500: Canola Counting Paddle (500 Count) - Actual dims: 18" (L) x 2¼" (W).
  • CPR: Roller For Canola Counting Paddle
 Seedburo CPR Roller For Canola Counting Paddle

Roller For Canola Counting Paddle