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Ria vial, 12mm x 75mm, ps (pk of 500)

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When conducting radioimmunoassay tests, you need a reliable and quality vial that can withstand the rigorous process. The UNITED SCIENTIFIC P10303 RIA VIAL is a product that you can trust for accurate antigen testing.

These vials come in a pack of 500, so you will never run out of supply when you need them the most. Each vial has an outer diameter of 12mm and a height of 75mm, making them the ideal size for RIA applications.

Polypropylene vials are preferred for their translucence, which allows you to monitor the contents of the vial with ease. These vials can withstand 3000 RCF during centrifugation, making them highly durable and reliable for repeated use. They are also resistant to common acids, alkalies, and solvents, making them suitable for use in different laboratory settings.

The polystyrene vials, on the other hand, have a transparent construction that makes them ideal for observing the contents of the vial. These vials can withstand 1400 RCF during centrifugation, and they are compatible with mild bases and weak acids. However, they are not suitable for use with organic solvents, and they are non-autoclavable.

Regardless of the type of vial you choose, both versions are compatible with the same caps, which are sold separately. You can expect top-notch performance when using the UNITED SCIENTIFIC P10303 RIA VIALS for your RIA tests.

With these vials, you can rest assured that you will achieve accurate results every time. Purchase them today and experience the convenience and reliability they offer.
 United Scientific P10303 Ria vial, 12mm x 75mm, ps (pk of 500)

Ria vial, 12mm x 75mm, ps (pk of 500)