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Reagent bottles, wide mouth, hdpe, 500ml, case of 125

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are paired in this efficient and convenient product for laboratory investments.

Detailed Description

When it comes to laboratory work, every substance and solution requires a specific container that ensures the integrity of the product. The United Scientific 33409-BULK Reagent Bottles offer the perfect combination of strength and pliability while still allowing transference of materials thanks to their wide mouth design. The high density polyethylene material of these bottles gives them an edge over traditional glass bottles, making them more versatile and durable.

Whether you are experimenting with acids or bases, you can trust that these bottles will endure the tests of wear, impact, and harsh chemicals. Furthermore, the translucent nature of the material allows for easy visual identification, saving valuable time in an already fast-paced environment.

The wide mouth top of these bottles ensures easy pouring and filling, which is particularly useful for handling liquids with a viscosity greater than water. The one-piece polypropylene caps, which are included with each bottle, tightly seal the contents, eliminating the risk of hazardous leaks or spills. The caps are easy to grip, screw on, and unscrew, allowing for added convenience in the lab.

Our United Scientific 33409-BULK Reagent Bottles are sold in a case of 125, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to supply an entire laboratory or classroom. These bottles are perfect for storing and transporting various solutions such as acids, bases, and other corrosive substances. Be sure to add these reliable and durable bottles to your laboratory equipment collection today.

In terms of safety and convenience, you can trust the United Scientific 33409-BULK Reagent Bottles to provide the best for your laboratory needs. With their wide mouth design, high-density polyethylene material, and sturdy and secure caps, you can be sure your solutions are stored efficiently and securely.
 United Scientific 33409-BULK Reagent bottles, wide mouth, hdpe, 500ml, case of 125

Reagent bottles, wide mouth, hdpe, 500ml, case of 125