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Porcelain crucible, wide form, with cover, 10ml pk/6

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United Scientific JCL010 Porcelain Crucible is the perfect product for laboratories and science enthusiasts alike. This wide form crucible comes complete with a cover for added convenience and storage. The crucible is glazed on both inner and outer surfaces, except for the outside bottom and rim, which ensures quality performance and durability.

The product is also designed to be autoclavable, meaning it can withstand high temperatures of up to 1150 degrees Celsius. To prevent thermal stress cracks, it is recommended that the heating/cooling rate should not exceed 200 degrees Celsius per hour. This ensures longevity and reliability for your investment.

The porcelain crucible is manufactured by United Scientific, a prestigious brand known for incorporating the latest technology and highest quality materials in all its products. The porcelain crucible offers excellent resistance to acids and alkalies, except for hydrofluoric acid. Its capabilities and features make it perfect for use in various scientific applications, including but not limited to, chemical analysis, material testing, and metallurgical laboratory techniques.

The United Scientific JCL010 Porcelain Crucible has a capacity of 10ml and measures 20mm in height. The top outside diameter of the crucible is 32mm, making it suitable for various lab applications. Each pack contains six crucibles, giving you longevity and efficiency at an economical cost.

In conclusion, the United Scientific JCL010 Porcelain Crucible is an excellent and reliable product for all laboratory applications. Its impressive features and capabilities provide the user with a comfortable and efficient experience. It is highly recommended for individuals and industries looking for high-quality and durable crucibles.
 United Scientific JCL010 Porcelain crucible, wide form, with cover, 10ml (pk of 6)

Porcelain crucible, wide form, with cover, 10ml pk/6