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Pipettes, volumetric, class a, individually certified, 5ml (pk of 5)

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The United Scientific PT7100-C Pipettes are an essential tool for precise and accurate measurements in laboratory settings. These pipettes are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and resistance to chemical wear and tear. The glassware is made in compliance with ASTM specification E969 standards, guaranteeing that they meet the highest quality standards.

Each pipette comes color-coded for easy identification. The white color code indicates a 5ml capacity. These volumetric pipettes are individually serialized and certified, ensuring that each pipette meets the specified calibration standards. The markings on the pipettes are printed in durable, amber ink to ensure they are visible and accurate even after many washes.

The pipettes have a tolerance of ± 0.010 ml, making them highly accurate and precise in the measurement of liquids. They are calibrated to deliver exact amounts of samples and can be used for a wide range of laboratory applications that require accurate pipetting.

These United Scientific PT7100-C Pipettes come in a pack of five, making them convenient for use in group settings or multiple experiments. They are valuable tools in various laboratory settings, including research, product development, and quality control.

When handling these pipettes, it is essential to be careful as they can be fragile. Please ensure that the pipettes are appropriately stored to prevent accidental breakage. As is with most laboratory equipment, it's important to handle them with care and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

In summary, the United Scientific PT7100-C Pipettes are reliable and accurate tools for scientific measurements. These pipettes are individually certified and calibrated, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products. They are a perfect addition to any laboratory that requires precise measurements.
 United Scientific PT7100-C Pipettes, volumetric, class a, individually certified, 5ml (pk of 5)

Pipettes, volumetric, class a, individually certified, 5ml (pk of 5)