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Pipettes, serological, class b, 1ml pk/6

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The United Scientific PS7080-D Pipettes are a must-have for any laboratory or medical facility. These serological pipettes are made from high-quality, durable borosilicate glass and are designed to comply with the standards set by the US Pharmacopeia. With a capacity of 1ml and a graduation interval of 0.1ml, these pipettes are calibrated to deliver precise measurements every time.

The pipettes are color-coded with a red band for easy identification and are printed with durable amber markings that are easy to read and long-lasting. These markings ensure that accurate readings can be obtained and maintained for every experiment or testing process. Each pack contains six pipettes, with four packs in total, making them an excellent value for any laboratory.

United Scientific PS7080-D Pipettes have a tolerance of ± 0.020ml, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. They are suitable for a wide range of laboratory and medical applications, including cell culture, bacteriology, and clinical testing. They comply with strict quality control standards, making them a reliable choice for any experiment or medical process.

The properties of glassware and plasticware have been studied and refined over the years, and the PS7080-D Pipettes exemplify the pinnacle of that development. The borosilicate glass used in the pipettes is durable and resistant to chemicals, providing long-term use and maintaining its accuracy even after repeated use.

When it comes to laboratory and medical testing, accuracy and precision are crucial. The United Scientific PS7080-D Pipettes provide both in a reliable and cost-effective package. With a clear and precise design and a color-coded band for easy identification, these pipettes are a valuable addition to any laboratory or medical facility. Order yours today and see the benefits for yourself.
 United Scientific PS7080-D Pipettes, serological, class b, 1ml (pk of 6)

Pipettes, serological, class b, 1ml pk/6