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Paragon 1202-5012, 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinder (36 per case, Yellow)

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Concrete Test Cylinder Size:
4x8in (102 x 203mm)
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1 unit

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Paragon Products 1202-5012, 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinder (36 per case, Yellow)

The Paragon Products 1202-5012, 4x8 Concrete Cylinder is designed for precise and reliable concrete strength and quality testing. These test molds are manufactured from a single piece of non-absorbent, injected plastic, ensuring they maintain a consistent shape and dimensional tolerance. The vibrant yellow color aids in easy identification on-site, providing clarity and efficiency during testing procedures.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Each concrete cylinder is 8 inches (203mm) high and 4 inches (102mm) wide, offering a standard size widely used in concrete testing.
  • Material: Constructed from durable, non-absorbent-injected plastic, these cylinders are built to withstand various environmental conditions, making them ideal for use across different climates in the USA. This material choice ensures the cylinders have an unlimited shelf life and can be reused multiple times without losing integrity.
  • Packaging: Available in cases of 36 cylinders, each case has a domed plastic lid for added convenience and protection during storage and transportation. The design is optimized for stacking and efficient space usage, with 30 cases fitting neatly on a single pallet.
  • Compliance: The cylinders meet a range of industry standards, including AASHTO M205, AASHTO T22, AASHTO T23, AASHTO T126, AASHTO T198, ASTM C31, ASTM C39, ASTM C192, ASTM C470, and ASTM C496. This compliance ensures that they are suitable for various concrete cylinder testing methods and conditions.
  • Applications: Ideal for testing compressive strength and conducting quality control checks, these cylinders are an essential tool for construction projects, research laboratories, and quality assurance programs. The consistency in shape and dimensions allows for accurate and reproducible results, making them a preferred choice in the USA and beyond.


  • Tamping Rods: These rods feature hemispherical tips and are essential for consolidating concrete specimens during tests, including slump, air content, and strength measurements.
  • Concrete Strike-Off Bar: Used to remove excess material and ensure a smooth, level surface on concrete specimens.
  • Stripping Tools: The Screw-driver Style and T-Handle Stripping Tools allow for quick and easy removal of cured concrete specimens from the molds.
  • Rubber Mallet: Featuring a 2.25-inch hard rubber face, this mallet removes the cured concrete specimen from the plastic cylinder and is also used in consolidating concrete in unit weight measures.

Additional Information:

Certified MTP offers a comprehensive range of concrete cylinder testing equipment and accessories. Explore our full line of concrete beam molds, beam testers, and curing equipment that adhere to ASTM C192/192M standards for cement tests. Our product line includes thermometers, hammers, and more to meet all your testing needs.

Visit our blog for more insights and best practices in concrete testing. We provide articles on the effective use of concrete molds, the importance of sample testing, and tips for ensuring strength and durability in concrete structures.

Choose Paragon Products for dependable and precise concrete testing solutions that are trusted by professionals across the USA. Equip your operations with high-quality concrete test cylinders and accessories to achieve consistent, accurate results every time.

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 Paragon Products 1202-5012, 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinder (36 per case, Yellow)

Paragon 1202-5012, 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinder (36 per case, Yellow)