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Ohaus Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm, CLR-RODS030

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The Ohaus 30392296 Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm, CLR-RODS030 is a versatile and durable tool designed to provide stability and support for various laboratory experiments and setups. Made from high-quality steel, this clamp and rod combo ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Measuring at 30 cm in length, the CLR-RODS030 is the perfect size for a range of applications. Whether you need to mount equipment, secure glassware, or create a stable framework, this clamp and rod will meet your needs. The steel construction not only provides excellent durability but also makes it resistant to corrosion, ensuring it will maintain its integrity even in harsh laboratory conditions.

The Ohaus 30392296 Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm features a versatile design that allows for easy adjustment and customization. The built-in clamp allows you to securely attach it to various surfaces, such as retort stands or lab frames, providing a stable base for your experiments. The rod can be easily adjusted in height to accommodate your specific requirements, ensuring precise positioning.

With its sturdy construction and secure grip, this clamp and rod combo offers a safe and reliable solution for your lab experiments. Whether you're conducting chemistry, physics, or biology experiments, this tool will provide the necessary support and stability you need to ensure accurate and consistent results.

The Ohaus 30392296 Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm, CLR-RODS030 is also designed with ease of use in mind. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable handling, while the simple and intuitive setup makes it suitable for both experienced researchers and beginners alike. No complicated instructions or tools are required for installation and adjustment, saving you time and effort.

In conclusion, the Ohaus 30392296 Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm, CLR-RODS030 is a reliable and versatile tool for any laboratory setting. Its durable steel construction, easy adjustability, and secure grip make it an essential accessory for any scientist or researcher. Invest in this high-quality clamp and rod combo and experience enhanced stability and precision in your experiments.


 Ohaus 30392296 Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm, CLR-RODS030

Ohaus Clamp, Rod, Steel 30 cm, CLR-RODS030

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